Bob Lishman


Remote control

This is the page where you can download a small file  which you need to run on your machine that will allow me to access, control and hopefully fix whatever problems you are having.

Hello and welcome to, my new website.

A new look for a new webhost. This website is now being hosted by and so I have changed the design to commemorate this.

Although I am very busy with other things right now, I have quickly put together this (new look) site and have put "quick links" to the things that people seem to want to access the most. Over time I will add more stuff, but in the meantime feel free to enjoy what is here.


Ramón's Kitchen

This is where you can access the old Flash website that I made for Ramón back in the late 90's. 

(Click on the picture to open this website in a new window)

PLEASE NOTE: This website was built using ADOBE Flash and will not work on mobile devices.