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As you can see there's not a lot here. As time progresses there will be more stuff. In the meantime just enjoy what is here and have fun.



Content so far:




A simple way for me to connect to your computer and hopefully fix whatever the problem is.

An Adobe Flash website that was build over 20 years ago.

You can only see this on a desktop machine that has Adobe Flash installed.


Mobiles and tablets will not be able to see the contents of this website.

How I can repair your computer without either of us leaving home!
An old website I made decades ago that seems to stand the test of time ...

Welcome to




Another old website that I made in 1999 after being a contestant on the show

I made  this website after appearing on the show to document how the show was made. Containing pictures, video and other things that Crystal Maze fans might enjoy.



Cyan Worlds' Myst Online Uru Live is a Windows© only game - but with a little bit of patience and my step-by-step guide, you can play it on your Mac without a copy of Windowswithout using Bootcamp, without any partition "tricks" and no change to your hard drive's configuration.


Mobiles and tablets will not be able to see the contents of this webpage as you need to be on a computer to download and implement the files needed.