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This is the motley crew that did this particular show...what a bunch!!

Further down the page is your chance to be a player!!....

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Tracey Hinks

Tracey Hinkstop.gif (1006 bytes)

A Student From Edinburgh


Neil Watson

Neil Watsontop.gif (1006 bytes)

An Engineering Secretary from London



Me (Bob Lishman)

bob.jpg (10120 bytes)top.gif (1006 bytes)

A Publican from Stoke on Trent  (not any more!!)

Kate Prior

kate.jpg (11027 bytes) top.gif (1006 bytes)

A Doctor from London


Heather Walling

heather.jpg (10897 bytes)top.gif (1006 bytes)

A Student from Southampton



Simon Halstead

simon.jpg (9911 bytes)top.gif (1006 bytes)

A student from Liverpool

Fancy a game....

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