The Crystal Maze

This page links to an archived copy of an old website that I designed way back in late 90's after appearing on the original version of the show in 1995.

I built this website a few years after the show aired because I used to get so many emails at the time about what it was like to be on the show and how the show was made.Unfortuneately, the full "story" was never quite finished and I'm afraid that I cannot edit the site anymore as I don't have the software., but there's enough there to pass a few nostalgic minutes with the old show.

The show was revived in 2016 as a "one off" with Stephen Merchant as host and was made for Stand Up to Cancer. It was so popular that Channel 4 decided to recommission the show for a new series in 2017, initially with "celebrity" contestants but then later with members of the public. There were slight changes to the format which included reducing the number of contestants to 5 (from 6) and the numbers of games played (from 13 to 10). It was also given a new permanent host, Richard Ayoade.

Remember, it's very, very old ...